Saturday, April 29, 2006

No Smoking Zone

As Kyra was brushing her teeth tonight, she made the comment, look Mommy, it's like smoking. She then proceeded to blow air down the handle of her toothbrush. I was a little stunned as we've never talked about smoking before and I don't think she knows anyone who does it (at least not that I'm aware of). I asked her what smoking was and she once again sucked on her toothbrush and then blew on it. I figured we probably should have some sort of conversation about it, so I asked her how she knew what smoking was. She said she saw somebody do it when she was with Daddy. I then asked her if it was good for our bodies or bad for our bodies. She said it was bad for our bodies and that when she grew up, she was going to be a "Smoking Challenger" and was going to tell smoking to go away. She then said, That's when I grow up. I'm going to tell God that."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Girl Einstein

As we were out for a walk today, Kyra randomly mentioned that she wanted to buy a new Baby Mozart movie because ours is broken. (It's been broken for a couple of years). I responded that if we bought a new one, it would actually be for Siana and not for her because it would probably be pretty boring to her since she's a big girl now. She contemplated this for a minute, then said, I bet they make Big Girl Einstein too. I said, Really? She said, Yeah, and Big Girls that Go Potty Einstein. Hmmmm...that would be something.

Money Matters

Kyra is to the stage that everything she sees on TV and in magazines she wants. The latest trend is that she tells us she wants it for her birthday. The other day we were in Walmart and she found a Dora toothbrush she liked and asked if she could ask for it for her birthday. I said that she sure could, and she excitedly put it back on the shelf saying she really hoped she got it for her birthday. The fellow next to us was greatly amused by this little interchange since it was regarding a $5 toothbrush. But I digress....we were looking through a Toys R Us magazine today and Kyra was pointing out all the items on each page that she wanted for her birthday. She pointed to a couple of low dollar items and then said how much she wanted an inflatable obstacle course that was listed at the low low price of $349.99. I told her that was definitely a cool plaything, but look how much money it costs to buy. She looked and read 3-4-9. I said, yeah, three hundred and forty nine dollars, do you know how much that is? She of course said no. So I simply said it's a whole lot of money. I showed her one dollar and said with great emphasis that it's 349 of these. Her eyes got wide and she wanted to see how much the other things she wanted cost. She then pointed to a smaller inflatable bounce house and said this one is 1-4-9. I said yeah, that one is one hundred and forty nine dollars. She then responded, eyes wide, in a super dramatic stage whisper, wow....

Friday, April 21, 2006

Kyra Conversation of the Day

Kyra to Daddy: "Can you come swim with us?"
Daddy to Kyra: "I can't yet. I don't have a swimsuit...I have to go to the store and get one."
Kyra to Daddy: "But you can just swim naked."
Daddy to Kyra: "Um, no, I don't think so. But thanks."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The I.M. generation LOL :)

Tonight in Steven's office at church, Kyra walks up and turns on his computer monitor saying, "I need to check and see if Strawberry Shortcake is online."

New ice cream flavor?

We went to lunch at Jason's Deli today with Steven. Jason's has one of those free ice cream machines, so when we were done eating, I took Kyra over to get a small cup of ice cream. There was the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and swirl options, so I asked Kyra which kind she wanted. She said Chocolate, so I asked her if she wanted plain chocolate or 'swirl.' She looked at me with a funny look on her face and a slightly scrunched up nose and said Chocolate. I got her the chocolate ice cream and then she looked at me again with that same funny look on her face and said, "Which one is Squirrel?" Ew. No wonder she picked the chocolate!

Random Kyra Thought of the Day

Kyra: Mommy, why does Strawberry Shortcake live alone?

Me: (floundering) Well, maybe she's older than she looks....???

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just for the spell of it

Since Kyra can read anything you put in front of her at this point, we can no longer write things we don't want her to know about. We've resorted to quickly spelling certain words, and sometimes whole sentences in some conversations. I've gotten so proficient at this technique that I now find myself spelling random words in the middle of sentences that I have no cause to spell. This is evidenced by something I told Steven in the car today. We were driving past our neighborhood pool which we've been considering buying a membership to this summer. I informed him that the girls and I checked it out on our walk the other day and that I didn't know what it's like when it's cleaned up, but at this point, it looks a little "g-h-e-t-t-o." I then thought about it and realized there was absolutely no reason to spell that. *sigh* I'm sure this is only going to get worse....

Thursday, April 13, 2006

RIP bugs

We were heading out the front door to go on a walk today when Kyra noticed some dearly departed flies on the threshold. She looked down and shouted, "Mommy! There's bugs in the door!" I glanced over and told her that it was ok because they were dead and they were outside. So she leans down for a closer inspection and once satisfied, yells loudly at the unresponsive insects, "You're dead!!!" Just making sure everyone is clear on that.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Gift of Mac 'n' Cheese

Kyra enjoys looking through the parenting magazine we get. She loves seeing the kids and families in there, and enjoys looking at the ads, telling me all the things she wants for her birthday, or whatever holiday is coming up next. She was looking at one of these magazines this morning and made an odd request along with the other items she was listing as birthday wants. She flipped the page and said, "Mommy, I want this Macawoni and Cheese for my birthday." I think I can fulfill that one....

Monday, April 03, 2006


We just got back from playing with Kyra's friends Adley and Corbin a few minutes ago. We're now headed to the library and Kyra wanted to know if Adley and Corbin were going to the library too. I told her that they probably weren't because their mom was probably getting ready for the teenagers to come over tonight for Bible study (their dad is a youth minister at our church). She asked why the teenagers were going to go to their house. I told her that they were going to have a Bible study just like we used to do with the teenagers at our old house when her Daddy was a youth minister. She said, "Teenagers used to come to our house?" So I said yes. She then asked what their names were, so I told her a few of the kids who used to come over, some of whom she remembered. She then asked, "When they came over did they wear their teenager clothes?" I'm not sure where or why that question originated, but told her that yes, they did indeed wear their teenager clothes.

Birthday Themes

Kyra was talking in the car today about her birthday (which is still a long way off in July). She decided out loud that she wants to have a "Joseph and the Amazing Dreamer Coat" birthday party. She's recently become obsessed with the Joseph musical movie. She was talking about all the things she wants to have at the party, like hats and cups, and plates and napkins, and candy bags for each kid. She then said, "Oh yeah, and a Joseph cake pan...I think they have those at Hobby Lobby." Yeah, we'll just have to check into that one.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jesus? Where?

Steven and I were going to small group tonight with the girls and were discussing something about the sermon this morning. I mentioned a part of the sermon and said something about Jesus walking down the road with his disciples. Kyra pipes up from the back seat and said "Mommy, what did you say?" I said I mentioned Jesus walking down the road with his friends. She then looks around from side to side out the window and says, "Where? I didn't see him...."