Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doom and Gloom

Kyra was telling me about a princess and her horse, and she ended the story by saying that the princess rode off on her horse of doom. This caused me to chuckle and ask her if she knew what doom meant. She replied that no, she didn't actually know what doom was. So I told her doom was basically when something really bad was going to happen. She looked startled and said Oh...well...that won't work. She then rephrased her sentence to say that the princess rode off on her horse of happiness.

Yeah. There you go. And I'm sure there was sunshine. And birds and stuff. The End. =)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Past Tense

Siana is one verbal kid, however, right now she's struggling with how to talk about things that happened in the past. She always starts by saying that she did it this morning, then if she knows it wasn't really this morning, but a day or two ago, she'll add "last days" and if it was a REALLY long time ago, she'll also add "couple days." She knows those have some sort of bearing on time and space, but she hasn't quite nailed it down yet. So here is a typical conversation:

Siana: Mommy, we went to Wah-Moat dis morning.
Me: We did?
Siana: Yeah! We went to Wah-Moat dis morning wast days...a couple days.
Me: We went to Wal-Mart a couple days ago?
Siana: Yep...we did!

She'll get it eventually, but it's pretty funny watching her try to figure it out!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Siana Quote of the Day

As we drove past Fazoli's, Siana looks up at the sign and says, "Look, Mommy...tomatoes!"

I agreed that they were tomatoes, and told her that was Fazoli's.

Normally, she repeats after me, but since she didn't this time, I asked her, "Siana, can you say Fazoli's?"

Her reply: "No. I can't say dat. I'm drivin'."