Monday, January 29, 2007

Not Guilty!

It appears that Kyra may have some manner of pink eye. I told her that I was going to call the doctor and that I might have to actually take her there if they want to see her. She replied, "But I'm innocent!"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things We've Learned About Markers

1. The tips of markers can be pulled out relatively easily, should one attempt to do so.

2. Small children who have only 12 teeth can pull out the tip of a marker with said 12 teeth.

3. Old, completely dried out markers can quickly reconstitute themselves after prolonged contact with baby slobber.

4. Small children get very angry when reconstituted markers are taken from them.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a Hair's Difference

As we were putting Kyra to bed tonight, Steven laid his head on Kyra's tummy and said he could hear her heartbeat. Kyra laughed and said, "Daddy, you're just like a stethoscope! You're like a stethoscope...except you have hair...." Apparently, otherwise, they'd be exactly the same....?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's all logical....

Kyra was watching a Dora show today and, as typically happens when watching Dora, Kyra yelled something at the top of her lungs at the TV. As for the moron who decided it would be a 'great idea' to have Dora ask kids to "SAY IT LOUDER" every day on her show, I want to put him in a room with 18 Kyras and no ear plugs to let them experience the fruits of their 'great idea.' But I digress. As she yelled "SWIPER!" as loud as she could, I asked her to please not yell. She responded, "But Mommy, I have to. Dora said to shout 'Swiper' when I saw Swiper." I replied, "Well, you can whisper 'Swiper' instead." She said back, "But Mommy, she won't be able to hear me!" I said, "She'll be able to hear you, just say it quietly." She then looked at me like I was goofy and said, "But Mommy, it's just a TV show."

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Feelin' Groovy

Steven was playing a Led Zeppelin CD as we ate dinner tonight and as he finished up his food, he started goofing around with Kyra, saying if you listened to this music, you had to dance like this.... He then proceeded to wave peace signs with both hands and sway back and forth. Kyra responded, "HAHA! Look! Daddy's making 'twos' and waving them around!"

Don't Count On It

The other day, Kyra, without any assistance, counted from 1 to 100. I congratulated her on her accomplishment and she excitedly said, "Now I'm going to count down from 100 back to 1." She stood there a second mulling this over and then said, "Actually, I think I'll just count to 15."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knock and the Door Won't Be Opened to You

We often keep the kids' bathroom door shut to keep Siana out of there when I'm not looking. Well, I walked in there to put away some towels the other day and Kyra happened to be in there using the facilities. As I opened the door, she exclaimed, "Mom...I'm going potty here. I need some pwivacy!" Oh bad.