Monday, November 15, 2004


As we were putting Kyra to bed this evening, Steven was rocking her in the chair and started asking her what her favorite things were. She's finally understanding the concept of a favorite thing, and some of her responses were pretty comical. Here are some of her answers:

What is your favorite thing to do?

What is your favorite color?
On paper. (I was glad to hear this, even though she didn't really get what he was asking.)

What is your favorite song?
My name is Carrot and God made me. (I laughed about this through the rest of the conversation. They sing this in her class at church, going around to each child and saying My name is ___ and God made me. Apparently one of her teachers did not say her name right at some point and it registered in her head as "Carrot." I'm still chuckling about that one.)

What is your favorite food?
Cwunchy sammiches. (Sandwiches made with crunchy peanut butter.)

What is your favorite song we sing at church?
This is How We Ovahcome.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Bisquick-ma-phone

Who knew baking mix could be so much more useful than just pancakes....? Bisquick has these relatively new single-serving plastic containers full of pancake mix that you just pour water into and shake it up to make pancakes. Well, Kyra has adopted one of my containers from the pantry. She picked it up one day and started using it as a telephone to call each one of the Backyardigans, which is a really cute new show on Nick Jr. Well, the Backyardigans (mainly Tyrone and Uniqua) have quickly become her best buds. She talks to them almost every day on her Bisquick-ma-phone, as I have dubbed it. The conversation generally goes like this: Hewwo Tywone! How you? Gweat!!! Bye! Then she'll turn to me and say Tywone's comin' a my house. He's on Backyawds. I then say Oh! That will be fun! And we repeat the exact same process (and the same conversations) for Uniqua and whoever else she feels like calling that day on her Bisquick-ma-phone. Ah, the imagination of a child...what fun!!! =)

Checking into Rahab

I read the greatest book last night. It was called Unashamed, and was written by Francine Rivers. It was a book about Rahab and the events surrounding her being adopted into the Israelite community. It told her story and the story of the Battle of Jericho in a way that I had never read before. It told of how Rahab used her position and profession to glean information from her "patrons" to stay in favor with the king, and how much she hated what she did. It showed her deep faith in the God of Israel and her desire to become a part of his people, even though she'd never seen any of miracles the Israelites had been witness to. Most of all, it was a story of the power of God and his amazing mercy on the "worst" of sinners. We serve a gracious and mighty God and I am so thankful that he extends that same mercy to me every day. If you're looking for an excellent book that will increase your faith and deepen your love for Him, I definitely recommend this book!!!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Treat or......treat!

Kyra had a fantastic time Trick or Treating (to all of 5 houses). She is so possessive...definitely an only child! We were at her Nana and Papa's house for my Dad's birthday party Sunday afternoon, so I brought her costume with us. We got her all dressed up and asked her if she'd like to go Trick or Treating and get some candy. She said yeah, and headed for the door. However, she only made it as far as my parents' candy bowl sitting next to the front door. She was like Hey, this is easy, and helped herself. She didn't quite understand the concept of going to houses other than your own. =) We finally got her out the door and my parents and sister took her to their next door neighbor's house, and to their neighbor's house across the street. As they came back across the street to my parents' driveway, Kyra spotted some other kids going up to the same house that she'd just come from, so she yelled, "No, that's my neighborhood!" It was hysterical. I guess in Kyra-land, everything and everyone belongs to well, Kyra. =)