Saturday, July 29, 2006


We've been listening quite frequently to the soundtrack from Rent (the clean songs at least). One of the most famous songs from this musical is Seasons of Love (525,600 Minutes). One section of the song goes like this: 525,600 minutes...525,600 moments so dear...525,600 minutes...How do you measure, measure a year? Kyra has taken a liking to this song and sings it incessantly. However, in her mind, it apparently goes like this:

125,600 Bandits
125,600 Bandits
125,600 Bandits
How do you measure exactly what you are?

No wonder those people can't pay their rent...what with that many bandits around!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Kyra Quotes of the Day

Quote #1: "Wow, Mama, that loud noise scared me out of death!"

Later on in the day:

Quote #2: "Mommy! I'm 4! I amn't 3 anymore!"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Drinks Only

While discussing where we wanted to eat, Kyra declared that she wanted Cici's Pizza. I looked at her and said But you don't like pizza! She looked back and said, Yeah, but I can just have the drinks there.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kyra Quote of the Day

As we were eating dinner at Subway tonight, Kyra was rapidly consuming her dinner and said enthusiastically, "They make the best turkey sandwiches here!"

Preschool Freestyling

There is a show on HGTV called FreeStyling, and the premise of the show is a designer goes into someone's house and uses all their existing furnishings and accessories, but redesigns the room to make better use of the space. Well, we watched that show yesterday and after I helped Kyra straighten her room up later on in the day, she began using some of the techniques she'd witnessed on FreeStyling. We got all her clothes put away and all of her toys and books as well, so I went to the other room to get her a drink that I had promised her. While I was rinsing her cup and pouring her milk, she came into the kitchen and told me that she had put some things in her room "in different places." I said "You did?" She replied, "Yes. I put some things in different places. Come and see!" So I went down the hall with her leading me by the hand and she showed me her room redesign, which consisted of a stack of books being moved to a different shelf that was now flanked on one side by a little boy figurine from her toy bin and a lovely costume ring on the other side. She was quite proud of her arrangement and told me how they were the things she had moved to different places and now she had them right there and told me which things she had used in her 'space.' My little budding designer.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tribute to my Gramma Qualls

My mom posted a great tribute to my Gramma Qualls this morning, so she'll be my post for the day:

Wayfaring Stranger: The Times They Are A-Changing!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kitchen Affection

I am officially raising a full fledged drama queen. This afternoon, Kyra was sitting at the table eating some yogurt for a snack while I was feeding Siana some cereal. All of a sudden, she looks at me wistfully and says with great emotion, "I just love this kitchen." I looked at her a bit strangely and said, "You love our kitchen?" She looked back and said with what appeared to be nostalgia and said just as dramatically, "Yes. I love this kitchen." So I decided to play along and asked, "What do you love about the kitchen?" She thought a moment and replied, "The windows." I chuckled and said, "You like the windows?" She said yes and I asked her what else she liked about the kitchen. She then said, "I love when I come into the kitchen after school. I just really love this kitchen." Alrighty then.

Monday, July 17, 2006

An Extra Long Break

I noticed a half-done puzzle in the living room floor that Kyra had started this morning and commented, "Kyra, you never finished your puzzle." To this, she replied, "Oh. I was just takin' a break."

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Health Code Violation?

We went out to eat with my sis and her b/f this evening and as we walked in, we passed a recently deserted table that had yet to be bussed. It just happened to be the same table we had eaten at the last time we ate at this restaurant. As we walked by, Kyra noticed the plates and mostly eaten food and exclaimed with a surprised expression, "Look! It's our stuff from last time!!!"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5-second rule

Tonight as we were eating dinner, Kyra grabbed a piece of food that was lying by itself on the table, which she promptly popped into her mouth. My sister then said, "Ew! Kyra that was off the floor...sorry!" Kyra looked at her nonchalantly and said perkily, "Still good!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Brick in the Wall

Nana to Kyra as she's playing with blocks: Kyra, what are you building?

Kyra to Nana: Oh, The Great Wall of China.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cute everyday

Kyra did something today that caused my Mom to hug her and comment, Kyra, you're so cute! Kyra looked back at her, put her hands in the air, shrugged her shoulders, then said, I'm like this every day!!!


Apparently Kyra is starting to include a whole lot of Mom and Dad's phrase-ology into her own little vocabulary. Here are a couple amusing things that have come out of her mouth recently that sound a bit familiar....

Upon being told it was time to leave Grammy B's house and come back to where we were staying the night: "'s been fun playin at your house Grammy B. Bye!"

On the airplane with Daddy coming home from Michigan: "Man! It's stinkin hot in this plane!"

Mermaid Rationale

Upon being told it was time to exit the pool so we could dry off and get some dinner, this was Kyra's long-winded and musically delivered response:

I'm going to stay here all day and all night because I like to swim in the water at night. I don't need to eat because mermaids don't need food, and I'm a Mermaaaaaaid!

Ok then. Now let's get out and dry off. =)