Sunday, May 20, 2007

Who's the Boss?

As Steven finished up the bedtime routine with Kyra and I was putting Siana to bed, Kyra asked for a snack and a drink (even though we'd literally *just* come back from eating dinner with our small group). Steven told her she'd just eaten dinner so she would have to ask Mommy if she could have a snack. She looked at him and said, "No, you do're the real boss."

It's Imported!

I was passing through the dish section in Walmart the other day when a woman at the other end of the aisle picked up a plate made out of melamine and was examining it. She then turned to the 2 people who were with her and excitedly said, "I love these can't break them...they're made out of Melmac!" I had to quickly exit the aisle so as not to smirk and/or snicker. So don't ask why this tidbit of information is something that is lodged inoperably in my brain, but Melmac is the planet that Alf came from. Now that would be quite an import! Ok, now you can quickly exit my blog so you can smirk and/or snicker about the random bits of trivia that float around in my head.