Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Now That's Service!

Steven, Kyra, and I went to Subway for dinner this evening. As we sat down at our booth and finished up our sandwiches, Steven pulled out a small bag containing the cookies he always gets with his value meal. Kyra asked him what was in the bag. He said they were cookies. She said, "For me?" And Steven said, no they were his, but he'd share a piece with her. So then Kyra said, "Is the manager going to bring one out for me?" We about fell out of the booth we were laughing so hard.

Friday, April 01, 2005

2-year-old Theology

It's amazing to me how much Kyra understands about God even at only 2 years old. She's paying attention to and ingesting things that I don't even realize. She shocked me the other day as we were driving (a long long drive) to church. She was just making two-year-old conversation, talking about her little friend Brooke's new baby sister. Kyra's very into names and which people go together. When we talk about her friend Brooke, she always likes to review what Brooke's mommy's name is, what her daddy's name is, and now what her baby sister's name is. After this chain of events, she then started on her own family. She informed me that her own daddy's name is Steven and her mommy's name is Angewa. Then she asked "What's my sister's name?" I glanced back at her and said "Do you have a sister?" She said yes, so I asked her what she thought her sister's name was. She responded, "Somethin." This response is typical of late. She then asked "What's my brother's name?" I again asked her "Do you have a brother?" She again said yes, so I asked her what she thought her brother's name was. She once again replied with, "Somethin." I asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister, and she said yes, so I told her she'd have to ask God to bless our family with a baby brother or sister. At this point, she began to talk about babies, and ended up saying, "Jesus was a baby!" I said that he sure was. Then she said, "But he went up into the sky at church." We had watched a video clip portraying Jesus' ascension a few weeks ago that I didn't even know she was paying attention to! Then she went on to say, "But he'll be back in a widdle bit. He wuvs us. And God does too." Out of the mouths of babes!!! It takes some people a lifetime just to get this far in their belief structure. I'm so thankful that she is learning this at an early age. I hope that basic truth always guides her in her life choices. Jesus came to earth as a baby, rose up to Heaven, but he'll be back in a little bit, and boy does he love us!