Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Grade Politics

Kyra came home from her 2nd day of first grade today talking about Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain and how they were coming to her class tomorrow. I sought a little more information to clarify, and then told her that perhaps she would watch some videos of Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, but it seemed rather unlikely that they would physically come to her class. She then started discussing her philosophies on who she would vote for, were she old enough. According to her, she would vote for Mr. McCain because she doesn't like the name Barack...I mean, she already knows somebody named "Brock" and she doesn't need to know another "Barack." And also, Barack is a funny what if people started calling him "Barack-li" you know, like "broccoli" because that would be weird. So she was definitely going to pick McCain. Ok then. At least she's thinking about her reasons carefully.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Did What?

Well, while we've been busy adjusting to a new locale, meeting new people, forming relationships, playing, and just lazing the summer away, Siana apparently decided she was over the whole diaper thing. She's been in pullups for a while, and a few weeks ago, she just came in and announced that she'd gone poopoo in the potty all by herself. And apparently, she'd been putting pee in there all day too, because her pullup was completely dry as well. Ever since, she's been rocking and rolling. She's only had 1 or 2 accidents, and is even dry some mornings now. Let me just say, that this is sooooo much easier than our experience trying to potty-train Miss Kyra. We had to bribe that child through the entire process, but finally got it done after 2 weeks of a lot of work and a lot of prizes. So the self-potty training thing, yeah, that works for me. Way to go, baby girl!