Friday, May 13, 2011

Testing the Avian Psyche

As Siana and I were outside waiting for the bus this morning, she unsuccessfully attempted to chase down a bird. She came back to my side, and after a few moments and sidelong glances, she nonchalantly said, "I like flies better than birds." She looked around and calmly made this statement a couple more times before I asked, "You really like flies better than birds?" She looked at me, (and if she had known how to waggle her eyebrows, she would have done so) and said, head bowed toward me, voice soft and low, "I'm just saying that so the bird hears me." She then proceeded to shuffle ever so inconspicuously toward the bird, still repeating her mantra, until she suddenly made a run for it at her 5-year-old breakneck speed toward the bird who disinterestedly looked up and lazily flapped to the nearest branch. Next time bird, next time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Part Supermodel/Part Pirate/Part Commercial

The girls decided to play fashion show's how it started:

Kyra announcing for Siana:
"Here she comes folks, modeling her beautiful school look! She's coming back up the runway now...isn't she gorgeous??? Up next, model Kyra!"

Siana announcing for Kyra:
"She walks the plank! Gorgeous, baby! She's far away! She's awesome! She's poseable!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Call the Exterminator

Siana quote of the day: "Mommy, are these bumps on my tongue the tastebugs?"

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Faster than the speed of...

At dinner this evening, Kyra looks over at a TV on the wall and says, "I think that's NASA." I look over at it and reply confusedly, "What?" She looks again and says, "I think that's" I fight the chuckle...hard...and reply, "Oh yeah...NASCAR." LOVE that girl.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't Skirt the Issue

Steven's family has a rich Scottish history, which goes as far back as being traced to Robert the Bruce. There is a Bruce family plaid, and Steven's dad has long wished to have a kilt made out of the family plaid. Well, this year for Christmas, he finally got his wish. As he pulled out the kilt from a gift bag, he was super excited and held it up for the rest of the family to see. As he said thank you to all of those involved in the purchase of the kilt, Siana very loudly pipes up with, "Ummmm...that looks like a skirt, dude."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odd Employment Prospects

Siana and I were chatting in the car after I picked her up from school today when she commented that a boy in her class always pretends he has a gun and shoots things. She then went on to say that this particular boy says he wants to be a "Butt Puncher" when he grows up. This obviously gave me pause, and I asked her, "He wants to be a What?" She again said that he desired to be a Butt Puncher when he grows up. For further potential clarification, I asked her what a Butt Puncher does. Her response, "Um, somebody who goes around punching people in the bottom, I guess...???" After a brief pause during which I was racking my brain for solutions, I asked her, "Do you think he might have said 'Buck Hunter' a guy who hunts deer?" Another pause..."Oh. Maybe."

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

At the grocery store today, after I hefted 2 gallons of milk into our cart using only the forefingers on each hand (because it was cold!), Kyra looks at me in amazement and says, "Wow! You picked that milk up with one finger!!!" I chuckled and acknowledged that yeah, I did. She then says in awe, "You must have run track!"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

High Connections

The girls were playing in the kitchen today while I was making dinner, and Siana apparently grew tired of whatever Kyra was doing. So all of a sudden, in a regal and authoritative voice, I hear Siana declare, "Stop. Do not do that to the Lord's woman!" Preach it, baby girl. I hope she remembers that line for when she starts dating.