Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odd Employment Prospects

Siana and I were chatting in the car after I picked her up from school today when she commented that a boy in her class always pretends he has a gun and shoots things. She then went on to say that this particular boy says he wants to be a "Butt Puncher" when he grows up. This obviously gave me pause, and I asked her, "He wants to be a What?" She again said that he desired to be a Butt Puncher when he grows up. For further potential clarification, I asked her what a Butt Puncher does. Her response, "Um, somebody who goes around punching people in the bottom, I guess...???" After a brief pause during which I was racking my brain for solutions, I asked her, "Do you think he might have said 'Buck Hunter'...like a guy who hunts deer?" Another pause..."Oh. Maybe."

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