Saturday, August 27, 2005

Have a Heart!

Apparently the reality line between cartoons and real life has not been realized just yet for my sweet little girl.... I was giving her a big hug and kiss this evening and afterwards, she looked around and commented, "No hearts came out!" She was looking for the hearts that always surround people that love each other in cartoons. I told her that the hearts were definitely there, but we just couldn't see them. =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Shout out the window and you will receive

Kyra has recently discovered the amazing feat of yelling out the window of a car at a plastic box, and then getting all kinds of yummy things to eat. The other day, we pulled up to the Arby's drive-thru to grab some lunch. Steven rolled down the window and began to order, when all of a sudden from the back seat, a small, but very loud voice begins to shout, "Um, I would wike a kid's fwosting please!" We had to stop ordering for a minute because we were laughing so hard. Then as we got our food and drove away, we tried to explain to her that only Wendy's had Frosties and that we had gone to Arby's instead that day. I'm not sure she got it, as now, every time we pull up to any drive thru, she tries again to order a "Kid's Fwosting."


We recently sold our house that had been on the market for about a year and half. During the transition time, we accepted an offer from some friends to stay with them for a month or so while we found a new place to call home. We didn't know how Kyra would handle the transition from our house to a temporary residence, but so far, she's handled it great. The other day, she surprised Steven and I by referring to our old house as "Robert's." Robert is the name of the man who bought our house. We found it amazing that a 3-year-old would grasp the concept of someone else buying our house and the house then becoming theirs, much less refer to it as "Robert's" instead of something like "Our old house."

The New Trinity?

Lately, Kyra has been making a strange connection with things that she learns at church. Each time we ask her what she learned about in class, she says, "God and Jesus...and Santa Claus." Seeing as it's the middle of summer, that seems a bit unlikely....