Tuesday, February 15, 2005

For the Love of Taxes...?

Steven's sister Melissa works seasonally for a tax preparation company (for "fun"). The other day, Steven decided to take Kyra to visit Melissa at the tax place for a little while. Kyra had a great time, and was very good about waiting for "Missa" while she was with a customer doing his taxes. When Melissa was ready, Kyra got to play with her and talk to her for a little while. However, when it was time to go, Kyra was quite distraught and wanted to stay there so Missa could do her taxes. Melissa told her she would come over the following day to see her, and would do her taxes for her then.

The next day, Melissa came over, as promised, to do Kyra's taxes. She asked her how much money she made last year, and Kyra said, "One and two." Then Melissa asked how much she had withheld from her paychecks, to which Kyra also said, "One and two." So Melissa told her that she would receive a refund of approximately 2 billion dollars. Kyra was content with this verdict and was glad to have "had her taxes done."

This brings us to last night. During our nightly prayer, Kyra typically interjects as we pray, with things she wants to pray for or give thanks for. I had just finished thanking God for Kyra's friend "Bwooke" when Kyra burst in with "And thank you for taxes!" I had to stifle my laughter, and say through gritted teeth, "And thank you God for taxes." I told Steven after we put her to bed that this may be the very first time ever in all of eternity that God has ever had someone thank him for taxes....

Thursday, February 10, 2005

On Babies...

Kyra was reading magazines tonight, and as she flipped through an issue of Parenting, she stopped on a photo of a sleeping newborn. I said "Isn't that a sweet baby?" She just looked up and grinned. And then, since we've been entertaining the idea of expanding our family, I asked her, "Should we have a new baby in our house?" To this, she replied, "I'm reading a magazine right now, we'll have a baby in a minute." If only it were that simple.