Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Labor and Delivery, Wal-Mart Style

We had a realtor coming to show our house tonight, so Kyra and I had to find something to do that was not at home for an hour or so this evening. Since I was out of almost every major food staple in our house, I decided we'd go to Wal-Mart. That always takes at least an hour when I have a list of things I need to get, especially when I'm accompanied by a 2 year old who likes to talk to people. =) So we shopped around Wal-Mart for around 45 minutes, got all of the things we needed, and amazingly, nothing extra! So we got in line to pay. The check-out lady was laughing at Kyra's nonstop barrage of conversation about each thing she rang up, as well as anything and anyone else she saw that caught her fancy. Kyra was particularly concerned about the Nemo fruit snacks she had picked out and had to monitor their location each step of the way. She continued chattering as we went out to find our car and put our purchases in. I stopped the cart, popped the trunk and started loading up. With each bag I picked up, she asked "Nemo snacks in there?" Well, the last thing left to put in the trunk was a large box of bottled water that was on the bottom rack of the cart. I normally get a 12 pack, but the 24 pack was on a great sale, so I had gotten the larger box instead. The way the package is set up is there's a box on the bottom that holds the bottles and it is covered by a fairly sturdy plastic wrapping with open sides. Normally, I just grab the open side by the plastic and heave it into the trunk. However, as I got the package with 24 bottles instead of 12 this time, this approach did not work so well. I grabbed the plastic to lift it up into the trunk and it just ripped off in my hand. Kyra was watching and looked at me oddly as the box crashed to the ground and I gave short chase to a couple of particularly mobile bottles. I told her the plastic broke and wasn't that silly. So as I'm more gently picking up the package of water and placing it into the trunk, she loudly exclaims, "Oh No! Our water broke!!!" I got a few odd/concerned looks, but found it particularly hilarious all the same.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Our little songbird

One of the greatest joys to me as a parent is listening to Kyra sing. Her Daddy and I both love to sing, so it doesn't surprise anyone that this is starting to blossom in her as well. She loves to grab a microphone and join in during our praise team practices at church. And she is always very "involved" in worship. One of the things we've always done as a family is each night, the 3 of us sit in the floor in her bedroom and sing songs and pray before we put her to bed. Often, she will ask one of us to "wock me widdle bit" in the rocking chair after we've said our prayers together. We always jump at the chance for extra cuddles, and usually more songs. In the past, she would just tell us what song she would like to hear us sing. However, the past few weeks have been so sweet, because she has been saying "No, I sing it to you." So as we're rocking in the rocking chair and gazing into her eyes, she'll sing whatever song is on her heart. Sometimes it's Jesus Loves Me, sometimes You Are My Sunshine, sometimes it's This is How We Overcome, and every once in a while, she'll bust out with Kenny's Loggins' Return to Pooh Corner, which her Daddy sings to her regularly. I just can't help feeling that if Kyra's sweet voice, although not always on key, sounds like the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, that must be what it sounds like to God when we sing praises to him. At least, I can only hope he derives as much pleasure from our songs to him as we receive from our daughter's gift to us.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The mysteries of the post office

Kyra and I went to the post office yesterday to mail a birthday present for my friend's little boy, Parker. We walked into the small waiting area and Kyra immediately let go of my hand so she could start spinning around in a circle singing Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-YOOOO at the top of her lungs. I quickly glanced around at the clerks and the one other customer standing in line (all men) to see if anyone was glaring at us. They all seemed to be amused, so I let her keep singing and twirling around. I paid for shipping for the package and we left. We got into the car and as I was buckling Kyra into her carseat, she asked, Where's Parker's pwesent? I told her we left it at the post office. She gave me a look that said, We did what? So I explained that we took the present to the post office so they could give it to Parker. To this, she said, They see Parker? I didn't exactly know how to explain the concept of the postal system to a 2-year-old, so I left it at this: I said we give it to the mailman who gives it to someone who drives it to Parker's house and puts it in his mailbox for him. She seemed satisfied at the time. However, the rest of the evening and most of this morning, she has needed to be reminded of where Parker's present has gone. Maybe it means she's still a little confused by the mailing process, or perhaps it's been sitting in the living room so long that it has become a part of the decor of the house and she forgets that it is now gone....


I highly doubt anyone who doesn't know me will ever read what I write here, but just in case, here goes:

I am 27 and a very happy stay-at-home mommy to Kyra who is 2. My husband, Steven, is the Minister of Worship and Outreach at the North Central Church of Christ in Indianapolis. I plan to use this outlet mostly to write down my thoughts about being a mom and to log the hysterical things that come from my daughter's mouth. She is such a source of joy in my life and at no time would I ever wish to go back two years to reclaim my "freedom." I hardly remember those years, but I'm sure there wasn't half as much light and laughter in them. I hesitated to even start doing this because I kept thinking, we don't really do anything spectacular, what am I going to write about? But it's in the not-so-spectacular things we do that the most fun happens. Kyra brings humor and smiles into the most mundane of tasks, so that is what I will write about. I hope what I write may bring a smile to someone's face and laughter into their heart. Thanks for reading!