Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Photos

My family has been in town for a fun-filled almost 3 weeks, so we decided to take the kids and get a big family photo taken. It was lots of fun and here are the results:

The fam:

Kyra and Siana with Nana and Papa


4 Bruces

A day at the lake

Thursday, July 19, 2007

5 years old!

I am now the proud parent of a beautiful, smart, hilarious, talented, sweet, loving, and all around fabulous 5 year old girl. In 5 short years, my life has been transformed over and over again for the better by this amazing little person who I am blessed to live with. To celebrate her birthday, Kyra donned what she decided was her prettiest dress, and got to experience her first kid party. She chose Chuck E. Cheese as the locale for the festivities, and here are a few pictures of all the fun:

My 5 year old girl:

A cake fit for a princess:

Biiiiig bite of cake...

Playing some tunes at Chuck E. Cheese