Monday, September 24, 2007

5-year-old Blogger

Well, Kyra has decided that she wants her own blog, like Mommy and Daddy have. So Steven showed her how to use iWeb on our Mac, and she's been building her own blog site for several days now. She's pulled pictures from iPhoto and put them in, written about the things she likes, and chosen her favorite colors for each section. Well, she was ready for school early this morning, so she sat down and worked on her blog for a few minutes. This afternoon, Steven called me from work, and apparently Miss Kyra published her blog all by herself. The problem is, she completely overwrote Steven's blog in the process. HA! So for the time being, if you go to, right now it's Kyra's blog creation instead of Steven's blog. She's got stuff on the 'About Me' page and on the 'Blog' page. If you can get past the spelling and words with no spaces, it's actually pretty darn good for a Kindergartener! =) I particularly like her Design Star section...she's got all the names of the contestants and judges, except some of them are just their initials! I don't know how long it will be up, so hurry over and take a peek. I'm sure Steven will reclaim his web space before long, but Kyra's blog will definitely have a home on the internet very, very soon. Move over, Chris Crocker, here comes Kyra!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kyra Quote of the Day

Kyra at the dinner table: "Mom, you need to sell our car and buy a Mercury Mariner. Or a Milan."
Me: Why?
Kyra: "Because I saw them on a commercial on TV and they look really nice."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heeheeheehee Wipe Out!

280 wipes to be exact. You know it's bad news when Siana comes running into the room exclaiming "meh! meh!" and pointing down the hall. I calmly replied, "Did you make a mess?" She giggled and said, "meh woom." Me: "Oh, you made a mess in your room?" Another giggle, and then "wahp." "You made a mess in your room with wipes?" Ok...doesn't sound too bad...maybe it got a little cleaner in the process? So I go to her room to investigate, and sure enough, she had discovered the gargantuan refill package of wipes next to her changing table, gotten it open, and painstakingly removed each and every one of them from the package. So much for "Works in your pop-up dispenser!"...nothing is going to be popping up out of that pile anytime soon. So I ever so delicately shoved them all back in the package, squished it as tight as I could to make it zip closed, and called it a day. It could have been a whole lot worse...she could have run down the hall saying "meh woom dahp," which would have meant she'd found a way to get the Diaper Genie open and remove all the nasty "dahps" from it. So I'm choosing to count my blessings!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mental Mambo

Kyra was sitting across from me at the dinner table a couple nights ago when she started doing a funny little dance, waving her arms around with her eyes closed and her face scrunched up in the air. I chuckled and said "What kind of dance is that, Stevie Wonder?" She said, "I'm thinking of a song in my head and I'm dancing to the thinking."

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mommy's a mess

Siana was sitting on my lap today while I was putting on her shoes, when she grabbed my hand and looked closely at my fingernails. They were in pretty sad shape, with the nail polish chipping and desperately calling for complete removal. She then grabbed my other hand, looked at it, and then turned to me and said this with a concerned look on her face:

"Mommy, han, meh...mommy meh...han meh." Which translates to Mommy, your hands are a mess, Mommy mess, hands mess."

I laughed and said that yes, Mommy's hands did look like a mess.

She then looked me straight in the eye and ordered, "Wah." Ok, maybe I do need to wash them. I'll get right on that.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Design Star

I know I've blogged about this before, but Kyra is still obsessed with HGTV. She is particularly a fan of Design Star. (Her favorite contestant this season is 'Josh Sparkle' because he's soooo funny...) She was making a collection of drawings to give to her friend for her birthday, and as she sorted through the papers she'd drawn, she came upon one that apparently didn't belong. She exclaimed, "Oh, this one doesn't belong in here...that's a picture of Vern Yip...he's a judge on Design Star." Funny thing is, it actually kind of looks like him: