Monday, February 26, 2007

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Siana has formed her first sentence/request. Her favorite thing to play with, as you know, is my cell phone, which she calls a Faaaaaa. This is said Faaaaaaaa? like a Pterodactyl calling it's mate. It's quite funny sounding. But anyway, she talks to my mom, her Nana, and sometimes her Papa too, almost every day on the phone. A couple of days ago, she pointed and said, "Faaaaa?" I gave her the phone and she started saying, "Nananananana." She then added Papa a few times to her chant. And after a minute, she looked at me, held out the phone and repeated, "Nana Papa Faaaa? Nana Papa Faaaa?" until I called Nana and Papa on the Faaa for her and let her talk to them. It was very sweet. And of course, she's a genius for forming her first semi-complete sentence at 14 months. =)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Measure of a Woman

We had dinner with our friends Jim and Elaine Friday night and after we ate, we were sitting in the living room talking and watching the girls play. Kyra wound up with a yard stick and was measuring everything she could find. Elaine was standing up at that point, so Kyra came up behind her and announced that she was going to measure her bottom. As you can probably guess, through much laughter, she was issued a swift, but polite, um, 'rebuttal.' =)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Siana had just fallen and clunked her head, and while I was comforting her, Kyra called from the other room, "Mommy! Your phone's ringing!" I asked her if she would bring it to me, and as she walked down the hall towards me, I heard her say, "Yeah, Mommy couldn't get the phone so she asked me to bring it to her." As she approached me, she handed me the phone and said, "Here, Mom. It's a call from your husband."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Causing a row

This year, we bought Kyra a calendar for her bedroom so she could see activities and events that are coming up and keep track of what day/date it is. We put birthdays, school activities, play dates, etc on there. Tonight at dinner, we were commenting that Steven's birthday was coming up soon. She got very excited and said, "Yeah!!! Daddy's birthday is at the end of this row!!!"

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Days

Here are a couple recent pictures of the girls at one of the favorite places to go in town. It's a big indoor bounce house extravaganza. It really is quite fun and Steven and I have been known to get in there with them....=) Hey, it's good exercise! Anyway, they had a great time and we got some cute snaps of them having a blast....


After we read our Bible story with Kyra last night, one of the questions in our book was 'How do you talk to God?' Of course, the first thing she said was prayer. Then she came out with, 'Or we can call him on the phone!" Steven and I chuckled and said, "You can call God on the phone?" Kyra responded, "Well, yeah, we could if we had his number."

Monday, February 05, 2007

Go Colts!

I'm not a huge football fan (see my previous post about who I sat by on the plane) but this makes me happy. I'm proud of our Indy boys! And though I may not be a fan of football, I am a fan of Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. They're just good people and it makes me glad that good things are happening for them. Ok. That's all. Any more of me talking about football would be weird. =)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Coach Who?

Funny thing on the plane this weekend.... I was sitting with Siana, and Steven and Kyra were a couple rows behind us because the plane was extremely full and we couldn't get seats together. There was one seat next to me, and shortly before takeoff, a man sat next to me that seemed to garner quite a bit of attention from the other passengers nearby. I noticed an enormous ring on his finger, and I glanced at it as I leaned down to pick up something Siana dropped. I saw that it was a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring, but he didn't quite look like a player to me. He said hello and we made small talk for a few minutes before some guys in the seats around us started chatting him up. One of them mentioned his ring so I asked him if he played, still trying to figure out who he was and why he was apparently big stuff. He said that no, he hadn't played and smiled at me. Then another guy asked him something else. So, stumped and not really caring all that much, I turned toward the window and Siana and I quickly fell into a nice little snooze until right before landing. The fellow and I chatted for another minute or two before everyone started de-planing and that was the end of it. After our family reunited with the other praise team people that were on our flight, one of them commented in an awestruck tone, "Did you know Coach Barry Switzer was on our flight?" I said, "Oh! So that was the guy sitting next to me. I knew he was apparently 'somebody' but hadn't a clue why." They both just stared at me, and I think one of them felt compelled to touch me, then both launched into hysterical laughter that I was the one who got to sit next to him and had absolutely no idea who he was. They found it even more hilarious when I told them I slept the whole trip. Oh well. Not big on football and not Texan...never had a clue. =)

Cool and the Gang

Kyra has been cracking us up all weekend, but here's one of the funnier quotes. We took the kids and flew to Nashville for the weekend to sing on the new Keith Lancaster Praise & Harmony CD with several members of the praise team from church. On Saturday, the rest of our group went to the Opryland Hotel while I took the girls back to the hotel for naps. As we were driving to meet back up with everybody for dinner (P.F. Changs of course), Kyra commented, "Where's the rest of our crew?" It sounded so funny that she put it that way, but then she added, "Ya know, I never met Ross and Grimace before." I was a little confused and asked her, "Ross and Who?" "Ross and Grimace," she replied. I busted out laughing when I realized she was talking about Prentiss from 'our crew.'