Sunday, November 28, 2010

High Connections

The girls were playing in the kitchen today while I was making dinner, and Siana apparently grew tired of whatever Kyra was doing. So all of a sudden, in a regal and authoritative voice, I hear Siana declare, "Stop. Do not do that to the Lord's woman!" Preach it, baby girl. I hope she remembers that line for when she starts dating.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Only Mostly Dead

Siana happened upon a tootsie roll sized piece of fuzz, which she promptly declared to be her new friend, and was playing with it on the kitchen counter as I made coffee this morning. All of a sudden, I hear a very tragic-sounding "Ohhhh dearrrrrr!" I glanced over and inquired as to what was wrong, and Siana showed me with mournful eyes her fuzz-friend in 2 distinct pieces. I asked, "Uh-oh...what happened?" Siana replied, "She died." "Oh," I said, returning to my coffee prep, as I was not yet fully possessed of my mental capacities that early in the morning and pre-caffeination. A few seconds later, she, with a bit more amusement in her voice, said, "Uh-oh!" I turned to look and saw that her now defunct fuzz-friend appeared to have been hit by some sort of bomb and had become many small pieces. I laughingly asked her how that had happened, and her reply was, "She died more."